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Ther-Biotic® Complete is a robust, broad-spectrum, hypoallergenic blend of 12 probiotic species in a base of inulin. Designed to supply a complete component of synergistic and complementary species, each capsule provides 25 billion CFU protected by our proprietary InTactic® technology for maximum viability throughout the intestinal tract.

Maximum probiotic support with colonizing and transient strains
Clean and hypoallergenic for optimal results
Available in 25B CFU capsules or 100B CFU powder
Probiotic Mechanisms

Competitive and antagonistic activity against undesirable microorganisms*
Strengthening of intestinal epithelial barrier integrity*
Short chain fatty acid production nourishes enterocytes*
Healthy inflammation balance*
Support of innate and acquired immunity*

Therbiotic Adult Capsule

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