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"When I met Dr. Renner a couple of years ago I was at the end of my rope, hanging on by a thread. My health was declining daily. I had seen numerous physicians and specialists in VT and NH.  All who kept telling me nothing was wrong, sending me on my way. 
Dr. Renner gave me new hope. She is very warm and compassionate. She takes the time to really listen and thinks outside the box. I now have my life back and my health continually improves. I truly believe she saved my life! I highly recommend her." 

- L.D.

"A friend recommended Dr. Kristin Renner and I’m so glad I made the travel. She has been incredible to work with and I have seen such a turn around since my first visit in Oct 2018. She steered me to a hormonal test and food sensitivity test with confirming results for both. Dr. Kristin has been supportive of questions and ideas to personalize my wellness journey. With a couple key supplements, elimination of inflammation foods, and proper detox, my energy has improved allowing for an exercise routine. I am back on a positive health cycle with increased energy, improved mental clarity/outlook and physical strength. She is caring and knowledgable and I have trusted her recommendations from day one. I am so grateful."

- A.N.

"Dr. Renner really turned things around for me after years of pain, misdiagnoses and medications which masked symptoms but created more problems. On my first visit to her, Dr. Kristin suspected and confirmed lyme disease as the underlying culprit. I have been on an intense and disciplined regimen of herbs, supplements and dietary changes since that time. The results have yielded a massive reduction of all symptoms and pain, increased energy and hope for a renewed body and immune system. She has a deep understanding of this elusive disease, combined with a compassionate and determined approach. I highly recommend Dr. Renner."

- M.W.

"In the spring of 2017 I went through the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.  I was exhausted, my brain was “fuzzy,” I was forgetting words, having to hold on to the wall to walk, I suffered panic attacks which I’d never had before, and I had the most bizarre pains in my joints.  Having been a very avid gym-goer and owning a small hobby farm, Lyme disease was really throwing a wrench in my every-day life.

After being told from my primary care physician’s office that I was just dealing with a bad case of “allergies” and that “it’s probably nothing” from my family I felt totally discouraged.  I insisted on further Lyme testing from another Naturopathic physician and the test came back positive.  From there I was referred to Dr. Kristin Renner.

My experience with Dr. Renner has been beyond wonderful.  She takes the time to listen to my symptoms, she is empathetic to how I am feeling, and she is incredibly knowledgable about the awful things Lyme can do to a person.  Dr. Renner wasted no time putting me on a treatment plan that worked very well for me.  Although the symptoms didn’t disappear overnight, or even within six months, she reassured me every step of the way.  After every visit I had with Dr. Renner I always felt more encouraged and believed that I really was going to get through this.  I have been a patient with her now for over a year and a half and my symptoms have diminished to almost none.  I honestly believe that if I hadn’t seen Dr. Renner when I did, I’d probably be feeling the same, or worse, than I did a year and a half ago.  I have Dr. Renner to thank for giving me my life back.  She’s the only doctor I’d recommend to anyone dealing with Lyme or any of the nasty co-infections that come along with it."

- J.T.

"When I first saw Dr. Renner, I was at the end of my rope.  Once a strong, active, healthy person, my health had quickly deteriorated for reasons other doctors could not figure out.  Dr. Renner listened carefully to my entire story, recommended a series of tests, and quickly diagnosed Lyme and several other active infections.  Her treatment plan addressed the root problems and supported my immune system as I began to recover.  Dr. Renner is thorough, knowledgeable, and truly cares about her patients.  She is an excellent doctor and I highly recommend her services."

- E.L.

"After being seen by countless doctors and having test after test with no
answers, Dr. Renner was recommended to me. After our first visit I knew I was in
good hands. Dr. Renner is caring, kind and great at what she does. She took the
time to truly listen to me and hear my story. She had ideas and was willing to do the work to help me heal. She is an amazing integrative doctor who is willing to work alongside other physicians as well. She doesn’t want to just cover up what’s going on, she wants to heal and will do what it takes to help you feel your best. I am so thankful I met Dr. Renner and don’t know where I would be without her."

- K.M.

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