Dr. Kristin Renner

Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist

Your Personal Medical Detective

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist I treat the root cause of illness by discovering why you are sick and how to get you feeling well.  When we work together we are embarking on a journey in healing.  I work with my patients to get to the bottom of their dis-ease or ill health and together we make a plan for getting you healthy AND preventing future illness.  This action plan encompasses all of YOU - body, mind and spirit.  

After healing myself from chronic Lyme disease and co-infections I became very passionate about focusing my practice on Lyme disease, Tick Borne Illness and Autoimmunity.  I know what it is like to have your health stripped away by chronic illness and I also know how great it feels to GET YOUR LIFE BACK. 

I am also extremely passionate about working with women in all stages of life and especially surrounding motherhood. Becoming a mom has been the greatest joy in my own life and I love helping other women feel their healthiest so they can be truly present for their families.

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Catie Winters

Functional Nutritionist, Herbalist 

As a certified clinical herbalist and functional nutritionist with a decade of practice, education, and training, Catie offers healing support and guidance for the whole person with a root cause approach. She studied herbal medicine and clinical nutrition at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and graduated in 2010, after 2 years of study, with certifications in both Clinical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition. In 2018, she completed the Integrative and Functional Medicine Professional Training Program with Aviva Romm, M.D. She is currently completing her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States and is working to earn her Certified Nutrition Specialist license. 


Catie came to find herbal medicine and functional nutrition as her true life calling only after her undergraduate work in cultural anthropology and environmental studies and her graduate program, specializing in food and garden-based education. Her love for global adventures brought her to live and learn in many unique communities in the world. Whether through her work in ecological education, ethnographic studies and travels or simply through her own deep connection with the natural world, she has always sought to understand the unique connection people have with plants, particularly culinary and medicinal plants.


She was integrally involved in the birthing of a vibrant herbal apothecary in Nevada City, California where she worked as an herbalist for 6 years. In addition to her clinical practice, she owns and runs a small herbal honey product-based business, Harvesting Vitality. She loves to spend time gardening, traveling, hiking, cross country skiing, cooking and medicine making, and having fun with her family and friends.